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Company philosophy : Survive by high quality, Develop by high efficency, Win market by pefect service.
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  • Professional Design Team
    High experienced designers and assembly makers, who are involved in the tooling field more than 10 years. Through continuous cross learning,Designers use 3D software (Pro-E) to design whole progressive tool: BTB, FPC,etc.
  • Advanced Precision Machinery
    Company invested many foreign advanced machines: Japan Amada Optical Projection Grinding (P/G). Japan Sodick/SeiBu Oil Wire EDM, CNC machining centre, Mitsubishi EDM, Yuqing Grinding Machine, 25-110 Ton Aida Press machines。
  • Excellent Management Team
    Team members are professional elites. Company has a good philosophy: Survive by high quality, Develop by high efficiency, Win market by perfect service,Weizhi is committed provide a best solution and create value to customers.
  • High Quality Guarantee
    We have a professional-quality management team, with scientific quality management standards, and the usage of precision measuring instruments and equipment. Company got the certification of ISO 9001,TS16949 for quality assurance.

  Dongguan WEIZHI Precision Mold Co., Ltd, is a branch of Jinhuang Industrial Group, was established in December 2010. Factory is located in Changan town Dongguan City, which covers an area of 8000㎡. We are a high-technology company who is focus on mold design, spare parts manufacturing, precision metal stamping & plastic molding production.

  The company has many advanced manufacturing equipments: 25 tons to 110 tons high-speed presses, Japan optical project grinder (PG), Sodick / Seibu oil cut and water wire cutting machine, CNC machining centers, Mitsubishi EDM machine, Yu Qing Precision Grinding machines etc.


  • Professional design team, who have more 10 year experience

  • Set up machining RD center, Continuous invest on product optimization and technology innovation

  • Import raw material from foreign countries

  • Customer Focus and make values to customers

  • High precision machines, Japan Optical Projection Grinding, Japan Sodick/Seibu Wire EDM etc advanced machines.

  • Provide customers with systemic machining solution.

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